Two Shelf Durable ABS Utility Trolley (Narrow)

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The trolley is made of strong ABS which is a thermoplastic polymer.

Benefits of this material:

          - Strong but is also lightweight making it very practical.

          - High tensile strength

          - Resistant to high force/shock applied over a short period of time.

          - Resistant to high temperatures

          - Chemically inert

          - Easy to clean can use steam or disinfectants

The trolley can be assembled and disassembled by hand without any tool

The trolley is modular, new shelves can be added and removed easily

Additional shelves and poles are available as an extra. Dip poles, and buckets are

Dimensions: 560(L) x 385(D) x 820(H) mm Distance between shelves: 555 mm Inner Shelf Dimensions: 440(L) x 340(D) mm


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