Two Shelf Durable ABS Utility Trolley

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  • The trolley is made of strong ABS which is a thermoplastic polymer.

    Benefits of this material:

          - Strong but is also lightweight making it very practical.

          - High tensile strength

          - Resistant to high force/shock applied over a short period of time.

          - Resistant to high temperatures

          - Chemically inert

          - Easy to clean can use steam or disinfectants

  • The trolley can be assembled and disassembled by hand without any tool
  • The trolley is modular, new shelves can be added and removed easily
  • Additional shelves and poles are available as an extra. Drip poles, and buckets are
  • Dimensions: 655(L) x 455(D) x 820(H) mm Distance between shelves: 555 mm Shelf Dimensions: 440(L) x 525(D) mm

         also available in configuration 1 x shallow and 1 x deep shelf:

       Dimensions: 655(L) x 455(D) x 930(H) mm Distance between shelves: 275 mm and 380mm Shelf Dimensions: 440(L) x 525(D) mm


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