Endomed 482 Interferential

Endomed 482 Interferential

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In the field of electrotherapy and diagnostics, the Endomed 482 can do just about everything. As many as 18 voltage types can be selected, so that all customary forms of electrotherapy can be performed. In the development of this equipment, ease of operation and functionality were foremost. The large, ease-to-read display shows clear information on all parameters, both during setting up and while performing the treatment. The Endomed 482 has two completely separate channels. For each channel you can set various voltage types. This means that you can, for example, work with different voltage types for local and segmental applications. The Endomed 482 guarantees optimal deployability for a wide application area. In addition to all the usual direct current types and interference (both 2- and 4-pole and also with automatic vector), it is also possible with the Endomed 482 to contract very large muscle groups using interference. This is thanks to Endomed 482’s high output power. The Endomed 482 provides pre-programmed protocols, but also has freely programmable memory slots. Accessing these is straightforward and you can model the equipment precisely to your personal preferences. In combination with a Vacotron (the Vacotron S or the Vacotron 460), even the most difficult of places can be included in the treatment. Where it is difficult to stick on an electrode or Velcro is not desirable or possible, this combination offers the solution. To deploy the Endomed 482 optimally in practice, an equipment trolley, the EN-Car 4, is available. On the EN-Car 4, you have the Endomed 482 and all accessories clearly laid out and readily at hand and you can always easily move the equipment to the right location for each treatment. As well as the mains power supply, it is also possible to equip the Endomed 482 with a rechargeable battery supply. This means that you can use the equipment wherever you wish, at the hospital bed, at a patient’s home, on location, in short anywhere! electrodes is 100% at all points. This makes the placement of electrodes on the tissues less critical. It also simplifies the use of a 4-pole application.

  • Low and medium frequency current types

  • Variable carrier frequencies of 2, 4 or 10 kHz at bi-polar interferential

  • Pre-programmed simple protocols

  • Pre-programmed sequential protocols

  • 10 free programmable memory positions for simple protocols

  • 10 free programmable memory positions for sequential protocols of 10 steps

  • Classical tetrapolar and isoplanar interference with or without dipole vector

  • Adjustable intensity per channel

  • Pre-programmed treatment protocols enlarged with 2-channel applications
  • Therapy possibilities
    Interferential, Russian stimulation, TENS, Rectangular- and triangular pulsed current, Iontophoresis, 2-5 Current, Diadynamic currents

    Standard accessories

    3444127 Adapter ENA-1550 100-240V
    3444290 Mains cable 230V - EUR
    3444101 Cable adapter for 3444102
    3444102 Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs - black
    3444129 Rubber electrodes 6x8 cm, 2 mm female, set of 2
    1460266 Moist pads for rubber electrode 6x8 cm, set of 4
    3444020 Strap 100x3 cm
    3444021 Strap 250x3 cm
    1497753 Operating manual Endomed 482
    3444119 Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs - purple
    1497760 Protocolbook

    Technical specifications

  • Current channels: 2, independent

  • Type mains adapter: ENA-1550

  • Mains voltage: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

  • Output voltage: 15 V

  • Max. output current: 3,3 A

  • Dimensions: 29x28x11 cm (WxDxH)

  • Weight: 4 kg
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