The Great Balance & Stability Handbook

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Improving balance, stability and your core is a great way to develop coordination and great posture. The Great Balance and Stability Handbook features exercises that not only develop balance and stability, but also moves that can improve your core, upper body, and lower body muscles using a balance board, balance cushion, BOSU ball, or wobble board. The handbook features safety information and full colour diagrams of muscle groups to help educate the reader on which exercises are the most effective for different areas of the body. It is small and compact enough to take to the gym or your favourite workout destination.


A series of balance and stability exercises for both novice and advanced users

Balance and stability exercises using four of the most poular balance tools available

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

Safety tips

Muscle anatomy diagrams


Format Paperback | 64 pages

Dimensions 114.3 x 213.36 x 7.62mm

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