Seirin Acupuncture Needles

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Simply the Best.

Seirin Needles are made of the finest quality stainless steel.The needle points are grinded until they are as sharp-edged as diamonds.

They are polished three times and the tips are siliconized.

Fantastic prices for the highest quality product.

B-TypeAvailable in four colour coded needle gauges. The unique manufacturing process positons the stainless steel needles precisely at the centre of the handle ensuring accurate insertion and patient comfort. The handles are made of extremely lightweight polypropelene plastic.

C&J Type-  J type needles are supplued with a guide tube and manufactured with a new technology which guarantees literally painless insertion for patient comfort. . The rounded edges of the guide tube guarantee comfortable positioning of the tube on the patients skin. The handle which is particularly easy to grip thanks to its combined service, is made of extremely lightweight polypropelene plastic. It has a diameter of 20mm. Available in six colour coded gauges.

P Type New Pyonex needles from Seirin set new standards in precision and handling. Suitable for both ear and body acupuncture. Individually packed, they are safe, hygenic and easy to use. The atmospherically active, skin coloured plaster ensures secure placement for long periods of time. Available in small sizes particularly recommended for treatment of children and patients with high sensitivity of pain.

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