How to place an order

To order a product from us online, browse the site for products of interest. Next to each product is the option of adding it to your shopping basket. Contained in the shopping basket is a list of items you are interested in ordering. Adding a product to your shopping basket does not commit you to buying it, you can remove it at a later point. Once you are ready to proceed with the order click on the shopping basket then on the place order button.


There are a few different ways you can search for products:

  1. By category. All the products we stock are grouped into categories. There are six product groups along the top row. If you hover over each new tab, you'll be able to see products grouped under that category. After clicking the category you're looking for, you can then view all the available products in that category.  You can also browse products along the bottom by profession such as dental, beauty or educational.  
  2. Product search. You'll find a search box in the top right hand corner of the page (it's the one with the little magnifying glass symbol). So, if you're looking for a particular product, type the name or product code of the item into the product search box and click on the 'Search' button. When you start typing in the search box suggested search words will appear


To add a product to your list of favourites click on the favourite symbol ♥ next to the add basket button.  Your favourites will appear on the left hand side of the page

Product Comparison

To add a product to the product comparison click on the comparison symbol next to the add basket button.  The comparison will appear on the left hand side of the page.