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PAIN? Relief is a PEDISTEP away!



Pedistep is the world's first retail dual density orthotic, designed to relieve foot, heel, knee, leg and lower back pain, by maintaining correct body alignment.

Our feet were intended for use on a variety of surfaces such as sand and soil not hard concrete pavements and ground coverings. Because hard surfaces offer no support to the arches of the feet, our feet tend to roll inwards causing the arches to collapse. This is a condition known as excessive pronation.

Symptoms that can be attributed to excessive pronation include:

*flat feet heel
*spur heel *heel pain
*foot pain *bunions *corns callouses
*shin pain *knee pain * leg pain
*aching legs *hip pain * lower back pain

How does Pedistep Work?

The superior pain relieving ability of the pedistep is achieved through the combination of 2 strengths of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), covalently bonded to provide greater arch and heel control, whilst maintaining total comfort in mid and forefoot region. Pedistep's unique patented dual density construction offers you support and pain relief, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Available in three styles:

Pedistep® 2/3 Length
is ideal for regular and
walking shoes.

Pedistep® Full Length
is ideal for sports shoes
and work boots.

Pedistep® High Heel
is specially designed
for high heels.
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