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Lifting Man

Sectional Knee Joint Model

A10 Skeleton

Desk Top Skeleton

'MAX' The Muscle Skeleton

'SAM' The Super Skeleton

'LEO' The Ligament Skeleton

Flexible Ligament Shoulder Joint

Flexible Articulate Foot & Ankle

Top Of The Range Premium Flexible Spine

Jpm Physiotherapy Skeleton

Dental Model

Skull Model

Pregnancy Series 5 Models

Budget Torso

Unisex Torso

Budget Heart

Mini Torso

Torso CD-Rom Guide

Torso Dual-Sex 25 Parts

Torso Dual-Sex Open Back 27 Parts

Torso Uni-Sex 16 Parts

Torso Uni-Sex 18 Parts

Mini Torso 12 Parts

Schematic Cross Section Through Abdomen (T12)

Schematic Cross Section through Thorax (T8)


Model of Shoulder with deep muscle

Half Head Life Size

Eye, 6 Parts

Eye With Orbit 4 Parts

Eye With Orbit 11 Parts

Ear 3 Parts

Ear Ossicles

Ear 5 Parts

Labyrinth 2 Parts

Cochlear Duct and Organ Of Corti

Human Respiratory System 7 Parts

Left and Right Lungs

Giant Heart

Human Heart 2 Parts

Human Blood Cells

Human Digestive System 3 Parts

Liver, Life Size

Human Liver 1.5x life size

Liver With Gallblader, Pancreas and Duodenum

Caecum and Appendix

Kidney With Adrenal Gland, Life size 2 Parts

Female Pelvis 3 Parts

Female Pelvis With 8-Weeks Embryo 3 Parts

Female Genital Organs 4 Parts

Skin Model 70x Life Size

Bones Structure

Female Skeletal Pelvis

Bones Of The Foot

Bones Of The Hand and Forearm

Hand Bones

Atlas and Axis

Head articulations, 2 x enlargement with stand

Lower Jaw 6 Parts

Dental Pathology Model

Dental Caries Model

Incisor, Canine and Molar

Cervical Spinal Model

Normal Foot

Flat Foot

Arched Foot

Animal Cell 10 Slides

Lumbar Spinal Column

Catalogue 14 Full Anatomical Catalogue

Quality Flexible Spine

Vertebral Simulator

Aids Virus Model

Anatomical Hand Model

Deciduous Teeth Model

Bone With Knot

Frog Dissection Kit

Dental Model 1.5 Life Size

Female Pelvic Floor Model 12 Parts

Male pelvis with ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor and organs, 7-parts